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colorado whitewater rafting near friscoRafting is one of the most popular summertime activities in Colorado – a perfect combination of thrills and scenery. After the winter snow melts, the rivers surrounding Summit County are filled with crystal clear water ideal for a whitewater rafting adventure. Choose your trip from a wide selection of options on five well known rivers, including the Arkansas River, Clear Creek, Colorado River, Eagle River, and the Blue River or search by ability. River classes start at Class I – II for beginners, Class III for intermediate rafters and Class IV and Class V for advanced whitewater enthusiasts.

Please be sure to read the “How to Choose Your Raft Trip” below closely to determine the best trip for your group.

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How to Choose Your Raft Trip: Class & Location


River raft trips are categorized by difficulty ratings, known as “Classes”. Classes range from I – V with Class I being a casual “float trip” with little to no rapids, and Class V being extremely difficult for advanced rafters only. Please note that raft companies reserve the right to change age requirements depending on water levels and individual qualifications.

Class I & II
Beginner Rafting Trips

30 lbs+ (age 2-3), all abilities.
These are the perfect rafting trips for younger children who do not meet the minimum requirements
(5 years and 50 lbs) for Class III whitewater rafting trips in Colorado. Trips are a scenic float on the Colorado River and are mellow rafting adventures allowing you to experience the beauty of Colorado canyons and mountains from the river. You will encounter small, regular waves, clear passages, and few obstacles, without any significant whitewater.
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Class III
Intermediate Rafting Trips
Beginner Whitewater Rafting level
Ages 5 -7+ and 50lbs, all abilities.
These trips will be wet and fun, with irregular waves, often with weaving channels that require maneuvering to avoid obstacles. There are several trips to accommodate just about any family and make your Colorado rafting trip a memorable one, including trips on the Arkansas River, Clear Creek, Colorado River, Eagle River, and Blue River. You do not have to have any experience to raft a Class III whitewater rafting trip.
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Class IV
Advanced Rafting Trips
Intermediate Whitewater Rafting Level
Ages 15+, active lifestyle with previous rafting experience.
These trips are a great starting point for those who are in good physical condition, are good swimmers, and are looking for adventure. Rafting trips at this level are considered complex with significant obstacles that require precise maneuvering. Class IV rafting trips are offered on the Arkansas River, Clear Creek, and the Eagle River.
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Class V
Advanced + Rafting Trips
Advanced Whitewater Rafting Level
Ages 15+, active and adventurous with previous rafting experience.
with previous rafting experience. These trips are for the adrenalin junkie who wants to really experience a challenge and is an excellent swimmer. They are extremely difficult with long continuous rapids, often following each other almost without interruption. Class V rafting trips are offered on the Arkansas River and Clear Creek.
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One other consideration when choosing your raft trip is location. With so many great rafting locations to choose from in Colorado, there are five prime rivers where trips are regularly held. The Colorado River, the Arkansas River, the Blue River, Clear Creek and the Eagle River.


Arkansas River
The Arkansas River is one of the most popular destinations for a whitewater adventure. The headwaters of this river begin from a trickle in the high mountains above the historic mining town of Leadville, Colorado. As you drive out of Leadville towards the Arkansas valley you will witness what began as a tiny trickle transform into heart pounding rapids such as Pine Creek and the Numbers. Although the Arkansas River trips begin with extreme class V rapids, just downstream it offers Class III and Class IV rapids as well. This Colorado river offers a variety of trips for many ages and abilities.
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Clear Creek
Need a quick fix or a river in Colorado closer to the Denver area? Only 30 minutes from Denver is another popular river in Colorado. Clear Creek has trips for a variety of ages and skill levels. With this river’s Class III, IV, and V rapids, you are bound to find a trip that can accommodate the dynamics of any group and in a timely fashion. Clear Creek is a great option for folks on the Front Range (Denver, Boulder, etc) or in Summit County or Winter Park who do not have time for a longer outing. These shorter trips also depart several times throughout the day to accommodate your needs.
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Colorado River
The Colorado River offers two extremes when it comes to rafting trips. The headwaters of the Colorado River form in the mountains of the Rocky Mountain National Park at an altitude of 9,010 ft. Experience the excitement and beauty of the state’s namesake river, the Colorado River. From the fun, mellow and
relaxing float trips to one of the country’s most extreme whitewater rafting trips, the Colorado River has something for everyone. If you just want to enjoy the pristine beauty of the Gore Mountain range, why not view it while floating down the Colorado River on a scenic float trip?
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Eagle River
Located near Vail, Colorado, the western slope begins here, with lodge pole pines and aspen forests in the mountains giving way to the sagebrush and junipers of the high desert. This river in Colorado offers a variety of paddling for all levels of boating. The upper sections, Dowd Chutes, are technical with more continuous whitewater; while the Lower Eagle opens up and becomes more forgiving with the rapids spreading out. This is another Colorado rafting trip that accommodates most ages and all skill levels.
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Blue River
This scenic run near Summit County offers a quick hit of Class III whitewater fun. With views of the craggy Gore Range, the Blue River winds north of Silverthorne towards Green Mountain Reservoir. This river is a great option for families and first-timers. The Blue River season varies and is dependent on water flows.
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