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ski-school-copper189If you have never been on skis or a snowboard, or if you have been skiing or riding for a while and would just like to move up to the next level, a ski or snowboard lesson will help you reach your goals of making it down that first green slope or tackling a mogul run with confidence. Lessons are available at all of Summit County’s ski areas, for every age and for all abilities. There are also a variety of specialty programs geared towards specific groups. All instructors are certified to teach and undergo continuing education to learn the latest instructional techniques.

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Lesson Option 1 | Adult Ski & Ride School (18+ yrs)

learn to ski copper mountain* Choose from Private, Semi- Private or Group lessons, full or half day.
* Lessons are for all abilities, from beginner to advanced, and participants are grouped with an instructor by ability.
* In order to take a lesson, you must also purchase ski & snowboard rentals and a lift ticket separately.
* Semi-Private lessons are an excellent choice if your whole family is at the same level and would like to learn together or would like to advance your skills and try some new and more challenging slopes as a group.

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Lesson Option 1 | Children’s Ski & Ride School (3 – 17 yrs)

copper kid ski school* Ski school is perfect for children 3 – 14 who love to learn with their peers.
* Some ski areas also offer special lessons for teens, ages 15-17 who may learn better with their own age group rather than with adults.
* Group lessons for children are set up by age and ability and are for a full day.
* Lessons for 3 year olds usually involve snow play, walking on skis, trying the magic carpet, and basic instruction.
* Lessons for 4 years of age: At this age, some children are ready for the slopes and lifts, some may need to stay with the more basic instruction. The age to start children in regular group lessons varies depending on the size and strength of the child and their ability to work within a group setting.
* Children’s group lessons are sold as a package including lesson, lift ticket, lunch, equipment and helmet – most ski areas require the wearing of a helmet for children’s lessons.
* It is also possible to keep renting the equipment for additional days after the child has finished their lessons and is venturing out onto the slopes with family members.
* At the end of each lesson your child’s instructor will give you a report on their progress and tell you what level they have reached.
* At Copper Mountain’s Ski and Ride school, all students are equipped with the Flaik GPS tracking system. Not only does this offer an unprecedented level of safety and security, but it allows students and parents to view runs online with a simple download to a PC or mobile device.
* Children are also able to take a Private or Semi-Private lesson, but these do not come as a package and require the added purchase of ski & snowboard rentals and lift tickets.

Lesson Option 1 | Specialty Programs

learn to tele copper mountainThe ski areas of Summit County offer a variety of specialty lesson programs.
Women’s Programs
For women and taught by women. These vary from specific days during the week to weekend programs. Lessons are offered for all abilities.
Telemark Lessons
Are you interested in hiking and skiing in the back country or you would just like to try something new? Telemark skiing is becoming increasingly popular and requires different instruction to learn and improve the technique. Lessons are offered for all abilities.
Park & Pipe
If you like to play in the Terrain Park or you want to perfect your technique on skis or a board in the Pipe, you can always learn more – maybe some of those moves you saw in the Olympics. Maybe you have watched from afar and would like to give it a try, but are too nervous to try it alone. Lessons are offered for all abilities.
Mom, Dad & Me
In this lesson you ski or ride with your child and their instructor after their lesson, so you can share in your child’s progress. The instructor will show you what your child is working on, so that you can see their improvement or use that information to take your child with you on the slopes and continue to work on their development as a skier or rider. Lessons are offered for all abilities.
Adaptive Programs
Lessons are offered for those with disabilities, and include four track (two skis and two outriggers), three track (one ski and two outriggers for amputees), monoskiing (seated ski with one ski and two outriggers for paraplegics) biskiing (seated ski with two skis and two outriggers for beginner paraplegics and quadriplegics) and visually impaired. Lessons are offered for all abilities.

Please call for more pricing & information: 970.389.8214

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