Wedding Activities

Wedding Activities

Summit County Wedding Activities

frisco colorado weddingsSummit County is a very popular destination for a wedding, with many beautiful spots to hold the ceremony – on top of a ski mountain, in the National Forest overlooking the lake, on a deck with a view of the Continental Divide, in a historic church, or in a large private home. With all of these sites comes as much variety in the people who are able to conduct your own personal ceremony. The many fine dining establishments as well as excellent catering companies afford numerous choices for the reception. High Country Activities has a great deal of experience with weddings in Summit County and will point you in the direction that best fits your personal taste for your special day. We are also happy to plan wedding activities for your guests in winter or in summer, book an unusual rehearsal dinner, get the guys out for a groom’s day or the ladies for a bridesmaid’s day, help set up a unique proposal, bachelor party or bachelorette party, suggest honeymoon activities, create a one of kind anniversary vacation, or coordinate a family reunion where you renew your vows for a significant anniversary. We are also ready to help with your transportation needs. We are often able to set up personal web site registration for the individuals on your guest list.

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Wedding Activities

dog-sled-keystone189Whether you are planning a summer or winter wedding, your guests are traveling to Summit County and may want to come for some extra time and enjoy all that the area has to offer. Most of our summer activities and winter activities lend themselves to bookings for large groups. For an adventurous summer group, head out one of our rivers for a Class III to V Whitewater Rafting Trip. If you want to cater to your flower girl at the same time as grandma, a float trip could include everyone. You might want to offer a cattle drive, a Jeep tour, or a group could head out on an ATV tour. For your winter wedding, your guests of all ages could enjoy a snowmobile tour, mushing Huskies on a unique dog sledding tour, or tubing down on one of the lift assisted hills in the area. If your group is planning to ski we are able to help with ski & snowboard rentals, lift tickets and lessons.

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Rehearsal Dinner

frisco-sleigh189 (1)There are plenty of fine restaurants in the area to host a rehearsal dinner, and also private chefs who are ready to cater your dinner at your place of lodging. There are also some memorable experiences unique to the area that would be perfect for your pre-wedding dinner. You can share a flavor of the West with your guests and treat them to a summer wagon ride or a winter sleigh ride complete with a chuck wagon dinner and entertainment. You could also board a historic train for a single track ride that includes dinner.

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Groom’s Day

ziplining tours coloradoThe possibilities are endless for the guys to have a great day of adventure together. Head to one of our zip line tours for a shorter adrenalin rush or combine zip lining with whitewater rafting for a longer outing. Be picked up as a group and take yourselves on an unguided ATV tour combined with a great lunch. Pick up bike rentals and have a shuttle take you to bike Vail Pass. Treat yourselves to a round of golf at a spectacular course in the heart of the Rockies, where your drives go longer and the company is as good as the scenery. For a winter wedding we suggest an unguided snowmobile trip where the guys can enjoy the outdoors as a group and even include a lunch. If you have an expert ski and ride group, then cat skiing & riding will be an experience that you will never forget.

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Bridesmaid’s Day

frisco co spa massageWhether the ladies would like to be pampered or also have an adventure experience, there are plenty of options. A spa day is guaranteed to have all of the bridesmaids and female members of your wedding party ready for the big day. The girls might also enjoy some scenic horseback riding, or a guided hike to view the local wildflowers. For your winter event, why not include a scenic sleigh ride or a mountain top cat ride. There is no reason that advanced skiing and snowboarding gals would not also enjoy cat skiing & riding.

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marriage proposal frisco coYour High Country Activities’ owner has personally planned a number of interesting and unusual proposals. Bending on one knee to your intended on the top of a mountain, in a historic carriage,  on a hot air balloon ride or on a dog sled ride are just a few that come to mind. Our ability to orchestrate a one of a kind proposal is equal to your imagination. If you have an idea we can make it happen, or we can assist you with designing a proposal that will surely wow your future bride.

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Bachelor Party

raft browns canyon coloradoWhether you have a long weekend, a week, or just a day or an evening to spend with your guy friends on the all important Bachelor Party ritual, let us help you arrange your adventure. The guys would certainly enjoy a session of paintballing, a lesson in rock climbing, a Class III to V whitewater rafting trip, or an adrenalin pumping zip line. Try an extreme snowmobile tour for a winter wedding, or eleven of your advanced ski and snowboard buddies could join you on a private cat trip. Why not follow up your day of adventure with a Summit County brewery tour or a trip to Black Hawk on a dedicated casino coach?

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Bachelorette Party

water taxi lake dillonThere is no reason the girls cannot enjoy all that Summit County has to offer as well as the guys. For the active ladies enjoy a day of mountain biking or a mountain bike tour including lunch. For a winter wedding enjoy a sleigh ride or a dog sled tour. Why not follow up your day of adventure with a Summit County brewery tour or a trip to Black Hawk on a dedicated casino coach? You could also head out on Lake Dillon for your celebration with a private water taxi charter. A dinner sleigh ride is another great idea for a large or small group.

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Honeymoon Activities

colorado honeymoonsIf you are spending your honeymoon in the Rocky Mountains, there are plenty of unique summer activities and winter activities to keep you busy. We can also accommodate wedding guests who would like to gift some of these activities for your honeymoon through a PayPal Account. All you need to do is give them a link to the web site and a phone number for High Country Activities and we can plan your adventures with them for you. You will find plenty of great lodging options on our Friends & Partners page.

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Anniversary Vacation

dining frisco coloradoIf you would like to come back to the site of your wedding or maybe visit a new area to celebrate your anniversary, High Country Activities will be happy to assist you with the planning of your memorable Summit County anniversary vacation. Whether you are visiting in summer or in winter there are plenty of summer activities and winter activities to keep you busy, as well as plenty of lodging options.

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Family Reunion

colorado family reunionsHigh Country Activities recently planned a week for a couple celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary, with their children and grandchildren, making up a party of 17. The couple booked lodging for their group and High Country Activities booked the rest including transportation to and from the airport with a stop for grocery shopping, ski & snowboard rentals, ski lessons for some of the grandchildren, a spa day, tubing, and a dinner sleigh ride for their actual anniversary celebration. A photographer was also booked to take a family memento of the trip. The couple also had the option to renew their vows. If this group had been visiting in the summer, we could also have filled each day with a different summer activity. If you are traveling with a large family for a special celebration or just to get together, take the hassle of planning for a big group with diverse interests out of the equation, and let us worry about the details for you.

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